Your new Period proof panty !

Why change for a period panty ?

1. For your confort

Can you imagine that, to date, one in two women are still experiencing leaks during their periods? Their usual disposable protections such as tampons and pads can’t prevent leaks, causing them loads of distress. Every woman’s worst
nightmare !

Strawberry panties can be used day and night as wished to replace your usual hygienic protections. Put your Strawberry panty the same way you would wear your most refined lingerie. Your routine stays the same !

2. For your health

Numerous studies have been carried out on tampons and period pads.
The result is simply outrageous.
You find chemicals and toxic substances such as styrene, pesticides, acetone and chloromethane. Those chemicals are nasty disruptors to your intimate life but more globally, hugely detrimental to your health.

For Strawberry underwear, proposing Non toxic fabrics is a strong commitment. All our fabrics are certified STANDARD 100 BY OEKO-TEX and all our cottons are certified OCS100.

The Organic Content Standard OCS100 applies to any product containing 95-100 percent organically grown material. It tracks the flow of the raw material from its source to the final product.


Certifies that raw materials, intermediate and end products at all stages of production contain no substance harmful to people or to the environment.

3. For the planet

Disposable hygienic protections are a disaster for the environment. One of the most polluting industries in the world, they represent 45 billiards protections thrown away every year around the globe.
Count 500 to 800 years before they biodegrade, which is even longer than a mere plastic bottle. One tampon takes longer than the average woman’s lifespan to degrade. Imagine the legacy !

By switching to reusable period panty, you successfully improve your carbon print, in short, you are helping save the planet, one panty at a time !

4. For your savings

When choosing Strawberry, you are switching to eco-friendly cycle, which also means you will considerably decrease your menses budget.
Can you imagine that during her lifespan, a woman will have up to 500 menstruations, 3500 days, almost 10 years bleeding !
She would spend between 2000 to 5000 euros to buy 11000 menstrual disposable protections, whereas your Strawberry panty is washable hence reusable!

How does it work ?

The Strawberry panty is a menstrual panty which is 100% bio certified and sustainable which absorbs the menstrual flow, blood, during your periods. It is composed of 4 ultra-thin odor-free, moisture wicking, breathable layers which will absorb and retain as much as 3-4 tampons‘worth of blood. It is leakproof up to 12 hours. Anxiety is over, those 4 layers have you covered !

Strawberry, who is it for?

Strawberry is the must have period proof panty from the very first periods but not only. They have your back through and through.

Where is my Strawberry panty made ?

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